The burning flame (VII)
The burning flame (VII)


VI Eatatau fanart and fanfic contest!

posted by True_Darius @ 05 Nov 2014 04:47 am  -  1 comments

Sections uploaded

Its autumn! my favourite season of the year, when the drowning heat of japanese summer fades away into a sweet fresh blow of leavy winds... or whatever.

So, we had a new section, the Wall of fame, for the top patrons and supporters that will be filled with avvies in short. Also, the "what`s happening" section was uploaded, as well as some pics into the different galleries, the head banner, and in the shop there is a new Pay per view comic! Ever wondered what lead to the war on Johnson`s homeworld, that would eventually turn him into a traitor, or the role of the ttau on it? There you can find that, and more!

And I think thats all for now...

Be excelent to each other! ;)

posted by True_Darius @ 24 Sep 2014 02:39 am  -  0 comments


Supporting EATATAU is now easier than ever with the Patreon new features. Now with more rewards and contents than ever!

Click here to discover it... it for her.

posted by True_Darius @ 07 Sep 2014 02:04 am  -  2 comments

Eatatau in the Top 10!

I dont know how it did it, but yesterday, Eatatau went straight up the 5th place in the smackjeeves ranking of almost 50.000 webcomics!

That`s awesome!

posted by True_Darius @ 29 Jun 2014 04:53 am  -  3 comments

Fansection uploaded.

Finally, the moving to the new image server is done. The last section is uploaded and shouldn`t have any broken link. If found any please, report and we will fix it ASAP.


posted by True_Darius @ 21 Jun 2014 09:56 pm  -  2 comments

Eatatau TV tropes

You know? It has been uploaded for quite a bit and I think I have never published or announced it...

Eatatau has a hillarious entry in the TV tropes webpage, give it a pair of minutes, it will be worth your time! Thanks to Henry 91!

posted by True_Darius @ 04 Jun 2014 07:13 pm  -  2 comments

Fuck Imageshack

They went all payment thing and deleted the images uploaded there so screw them. Im going to start reuploading things to another hosting page, and hopefully nothing will be lost in the process. This is gonna be hell... -_-

Uploaded sections so far:

-Main page
-Contact Us
-The trace
-Whats happening?
-Gallery +18
-Gallery +18 (II)

posted by True_Darius @ 25 May 2014 09:52 pm  -  2 comments

Imageshack issues

We are experimenting technical problems... and by problems I mean Imageshack is down again. If its not fixed in a pair of days, I will just move all the pictures to another server and cancel my account with them.

In the time being, bear with me.

posted by True_Darius @ 24 May 2014 03:46 am  -  2 comments

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