Face to face (XXIX)
Face to face (XXIX)


Galleries will be down for a while...

Yesterday, my hard disk with everything I did in the last seven years (including all my work, Eatatau files, photos, videos and (yep) all my porn) died.

I was told that even if they manage to fix it, I`ll have to wait for a couple of weeks... and pay like... a lot. Really, really, a lot.

Luckily I always make a backup of the finished comics (even though I lost the names for future strips) so the following weeks will be no problem about that.

So, until I manage to recover the info in it, I`m afraid the galleries will look a bit post-nuclear-apocalyptic. Lets just pray nothing is lost forever.

Thank you for your support:


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Shop up again!

Shop fixed! For some days we were getting reports of buggy performance and broken links.

The Eatatau team (that being me and the rest of the voices inside my head) just fixed it and are happy to announce that it`s all set and going, and we have some more new Pay per view comics in mind!

Stay tuned and thank you for your patience and support!


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Ocboober 2017 is out!

And we got a lot of support this time! 295,59Euros! This year was the bestest! Thank you all!

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Fansection uploaded!

Half of the fanfics and some fanarts links were broken due to Photobucket crappy new policies.
That`s why I`m happy to inform that, after a long and hard struggle with the code of the page that even a dumb and drunk monkey could do (but not me) the fansection is once again fully uploaded and working 100%!

Take a while to read some funny and cool histories and check the fanarts! Also, if you feel like it, send us some new ones! They are always greately appreciated!

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Ocboober 2017 Campaign!

More Info here:

Or directly in the Eatatau Shop:

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Smackjeeves Donator membership paid!

Eatatau will be ads free for another year thanks to the support of the readers. Thank you very much!

Btw, we just uploaded a bunch of pics to many galleries . Take a look!


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"What`s happening?" section uploaded!

Is the plot a bit too confusing to keep up with or want some more info? take a look at the What`s happening section! We just actualized it!

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Message from the Smackjeeves Admins

This was... wow... so much facepalm...

"Hello All,

I'm contacting a small group of authors on Smack Jeeves to find out if you'd be interested in a small beta program we're hoping to launch called the Smack Jeeves Ad Revenue Sharing Beta.

We've recently begun working with a new advertising group, and if things go well (i.e. the ad $$ rates are good and we're able to track ad revenue on individual comics), it would mean this program would be a go. This program would allow you to place ad tags on your comic, provided by us, and allow you to earn money from the ads. The terms will be, tentatively, 70% to the comic author and 30% to Smack Jeeves, so for every $1 your comic earns through advertising you'd keep $0.70 and we'd keep $0.30.

Keep in mind, you're already free to place ads on your comic and keep 100% of the revenue. The benefit to this program is that, hopefully, we're able to provide higher rates than you may be able to achieve on your own, and simplify the process, and also help you out with ad placement.

This would very much be a beta, and #1 it's not ready yet and #2 when it is ready, we won't be able to provide on-demand revenue reporting right away. Initially, we need to determine if the program even has a chance of being successful before building those kind of tools, so reporting will be probably at the end of each month initially, and payments Net-45 (payment within 45 days after the end of the month in which the ad revenue was earned).

These are the requirements for your comic to be able to participate:
- No pornographic content whatsoever
- All IP including art, characters and story must be original or covered by fair use
- Your comic must be on the domain
- You're okay with being paid via PayPal (just a $1 fee would apply)

I've already pre-screened all of your comics and from what I can tell you're all eligible, but if I missed any of these, unfortunately your comic would not be eligible for the program.

Finally, and importantly, this is not public information, nor is it entirely official. I'm just gauging interest at this point, so keeping this program private for now would be appreciated.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! Please let me know whether or not you'd be interested in participating."

To which I answered

Thank you for your offering, but no, of course i don`t want to participate.

Don`t take any offense, but this is nonsense. I, as almost every other supporter pay the donator or premium fee just to NOT have any Ads that bothers our readers.

What`s the point of paying the fee to not have ads and then put voluntarily ads so we can get money to keep on paying the fee to not have ads?


Eatatau is supported entirely by the fans through Patreon, the shop and the commissions you order, and so far I don`t want nor need ads thanks to you.

Thank you for your support, people. You make it worth the time and the effort.

posted by True_Darius @ February 4th, 2017, 12:10 am  -  3 comments

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