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Shas Tral`ui is a veteran TTau warrior retired and teaching at the military academy of Ke`l-sar. During the ambush of Diplomat Por`el O-res Kaara Nari `ka on planet Thyron, he managed to survive and protect her on his own against a full squad of mercenaries ("Nari`ka Special" comic in the shop).
During a class, he made a great mistake with Skraat that cost him both arms and legs.

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Karael is the older sister of Keraiel and was High Fateseer of Eryon ever since the fall of Fateseer Anairol, until her own demise aboard the "Eternal Myth" when infiltrator nyds attacked the returning fleet of Eryon. Her spirit jewel was saved from destruction by the Whiteblade Aetherion.
Her little sister took then the mantle of the Fateseer as the last follower of the path.

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Death in the shadows is a unique infiltrator nyd bred to guide the Araknia nyd fleet towards new sources of biomass. It was he who led the swarms during the infiltration of the Eldar fleet knowing that the defenses of the spacecraft world would not shoot their own ships until it was too late.
Somehow he survived the destruction of the "Eternal Myth" to eventually call the swarms to Eryon.

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Shin sho`ra is the head doctor of the hospital of Ke`l-sar who treated Fateseer Keraiel and Aetherion upon their arrival to planet T`chal-la before taking them to the Aun.

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The leader of the Ttau of T-chal`la. Despite being close to his people there is not much information about this being, and his life remains clouded by mystery. He fought during the war of Thyron alongside Commander Kor`ve-la against the Imperium of man and then returned to his residence in the capital.
He was the one who authorized Kor`la to travel to Eryon as a Ttau ambassador accompanied by an honour guard.

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Fio-R`o Zade is one of the most intelligent Ttau of the empire. Sadly he is also one of the oldest, which has not prevented him from continuing to develop their technology in his own way. As a free mind, he is the designer and builder of the experimental iridial shield of the power armor of the White shark and other unconventional equipment.

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Lily is a Kroklock that Kor`la has been keeping as a pet for some years. She was a birthday present from his father before dissapearing and nobody can really say if, when he brought that dog-sized creature, he knew it would become one of the biggest animals in town.
Despite his size, Lily is still a playful cub who loves Kor`la and would die (and kill) for him without hesitation.

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Kor`ve-la is the father of Kor`la. He was a soldier during the war of Thyron and quickly ascended through the military hierarchy until he became commander of the Ttau ground forces. His unconventional tactics allowed them to fight back against the elite armies of the Imperium of Man for some time before being forced to retreat and abandon the planet.
He was the one who rescued former Dark Angel of Death Zael Johnson and brought him into the Ttau Empire.
(As seen in the "Shifting fates" comic in the shop.)

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Brother Garael was the captain of the second company of Angels of Death during the war of Thyron. He assisted during the removal of the corrupt and traitor Governor Sibilus and was elected as executor after the trial and conviction of Zael Johnson.
(More information in the "Legends" trilogy as well as in the "Shifting fates" comics in the shop.)

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Vaeradia is the former leader of the Durchii of Karanragh. Her brother Drattz usurped her throne and forced her to retreat into the woods, from which she started performing guerrilla attacks against the patrols and the city itself, fermenting distrust towards Drazzt among the rest of the Durchii. She managed to create powerful alliances with the feral Renkal packs of the planet as well as with the half-daemonic shadow warriors.

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Drazzt knew he only had to wait till his kin started giving in to their treacherous nature against the leader of the Black Dragon Kabbalah, his sister Vaeradia. Then he started blaming her and fanning the flames of the resentment until he led a treacherous coup d`etat that forced her to flee.
However, the iron fist with which he leads has not curried much favour with the Durchii who remain.

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Kashira is the leader of the Raven Squads in Karanragh. She carries the soulsplitter spear, a dark energy cannon that can, in theory, atomize any form of matter.
She used it twice against Sergeant Johnson.

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Lady of the fourth dungeon of Hebradanahast, Kaledria held Kharn`ak and Kor`la prisioners and became famous when she caught the fleeing prisioner Johnson after he killed the First Lady of Pain and Mistress of the Fleshcrafters Abissinia. ("In Hebradanahast" comic in the shop).

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Lilith is the Leader of the Vyper warriors of the Durchii in Karanragh and the absolute champion of the Hebradanahast arena.

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Absolutely nothing is known of this creature mutated far beyond recognition and found dead in the Fleshcrafters master`s tower by the Durchii child, sharing a brief contact with the creature as if the two somehow knew each other.

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Pureblood First-born Drakkhiar Drazzard is the leader of the durchii warriors of the Black Dragon Kabbalah in Hebradanahast.

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These Eldarii are the spouse and daughter of Aetherion Whiteblade. They were aboard the Eternal Myth when the nyd infiltrators attacked.
Aetherion then had to choose between saving his family or attending his duty as a warrior and helping the fateseers.

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Altaea is the wife of Sergeant Zael Johnson, or so he claims. They grew up together on the poisonous industrial world of Thyron before the Ttau arrived there and was adopted by a rich family after Zael entered "the game".
(As seen in the "Legends" trilogy in the shop)

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Ishmael was worried about Captain Zael`s faith in their mission during the last days of the war in Thyron as was his duty as war chaplain. Little did he could imagine that his protege could become a traitor to the human race and that he would be forced to hunt him down across the universe.
(More info about Father Ishmael can be found in the comic "Shifting fates" in the shop.)

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The matriarch is the spearhead of the assault towards the Spacecraft world of Eryon. A psyker beyond any measure that controls the swarms with her sheer willpower.

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One of the greater Souldreamer warriors of Eryon, a giant colossus of pure necrobone powered by the soulsgems of dead heroes and guided by the soulshepherds.

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Soulshepherd assigned to Khel-shadul-anas. His mission is to guide the thoughts of the souldreamer towards the battle so the surrounding energies and the everchanging tides of the battlefield wont distract them from their purpose.

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Princeps D`akir is the leader of the military forces of Eryon.

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Kerse-Lycosidae, the Forgotten Fenix, is one of the two Fenix Lords who answered the call for help of the spacecraft world of Eryon. Although its motives remain a mistery, there is no doubt this old demigod has a secret agenda to fullfil in this place and time...

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This nameless warrior is but another of millions of anonymous heroes who had to take up arms and without any thorough training was forced to face indescribable horrors that would destroy anyone`s sanity in order to defend their homeworld and their families.

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Awakened as a spiritual golem, former Fateseer Karael puts her knowledge and abilities to the service of the Eldarii of Eryon once again.

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Khalo was a warrior of Eryon who was forced to take the path of the wanderer in order to recover the heart of the god of war, a splinter of a huge spirit gem that holds part of the spirit of the eldar God of War.
Also, Ureir Kailel`s lover.

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The result of the sacrifice of an Eldar soul and blood with the Heart of the God of Blood. The thus awoken demon of fire and lava fills the body of the sacrifice as the living embodiment of the anger of every Eldar.

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Saveiliss was one of the boneshapers who built the Spacecraft world of Eryon more than ten millenia ago. Due to an unexpected accident, she died and her soul was left to wander the underground levels of the ship.

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A very, very nasty potato whose mission seems to be answering stupid questions and insult trolls. She doesn`t represent the real opinion of the author at all... also it`s a very bad potato and should be ashamed of herself.
Apparently babbles in Russian and is very difficult to kill.

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A powerful ancient warrior with a holy but mysterious mission.

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The Lord Reaper was the second one of the Fenix Warriors who came to help Eryon... The reasons for this Fenix lord`s actions are surrounded by mystery, often looking whimsical or irrational, as he won`t waste words explaining his motives, if there are any at all.

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The Boneshapers are the builders of the eldarii. They often join war parties to rapidly create defensive positions, close breaches, or repair military infrastructures.

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Possessed by the souls of almost thirty dead fateseers, Keraiel risks her sanity in order to become one of the most powerful soulshepherds ever, forming a literal hivemind with the souldreamers. She could become quickly overwhelmed by spiritual or external energy influxes, but as long as she can maintain focus, few foes can face this tribe of one.

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The true embodiment of the mind of the swarm. It was this nyd who forced the Eldarii of Eryon into a war that nyds would lose, in order to allow the Death-in-the-shadows`s infiltration in their fleet and thus, track down the spacecraft world for the Araknia swarmfleet to consume.

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The last time this daemon walked the flesh realm was during the great awakening, and even though it was summoned on pure necrobone ground that weakens creatures of the non-universe, its power is -literally- not from this world.

Little is known about this mysterious entity. Apparently it predates the energies of the greater demons, though for what reason or purpose remains unknown.

Son of one of the greatest kroott khsapers after his demise at the hands of the demon Belasabashaethalikahl, Kwark is still a little cub born of the mixture of his progenitor DNA along with some minor traits of other species... as every kroott cub is.

-Thank you to JRD for his help proofreading-