Strips 1-10

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are forged and old ones are reinforced while the old masters are recognized. Kor`la repeates course and meets Skraat; a mysterious Kroott from the planet Kraust, and Sha-shiva, a shy Ttau from the famous clan Sha.


Strips 11-17+22

Once every year is celebrated for a few days a combat competition consisting in three tests that largely determine the final grades of the students in the academy. The tests are only for Ttau, but more by tradition than by rules, so everybody is surprised when they see a Kroott taking part.

Shooting trial is a test of skill and accuracy on one or more static or mobile targets, higher or lower depending on the level.

Combat trial is a test of courage and will. Students formed groups based on the previous test must bring down live prey. The levels of difficulty vary depending on the circumstances:

-Small herbivores that can not attack (level A-1)

-Large herbivores that can attack (level A-2)

-Omnivores-quiet (level B-1)

-Omnivores-aggressive (level B-2)

-Aggressive, small carnivores (level C-1)

-Aggressive, large carnivores (level C-2)

Additionally, there are two levels for testing of heavy equipment, experimental armaments and biological weapons. I`ts approval is reserved for the highest ranks of the school and it`s composition is maintained with the greatest secrecy.

-Level D-1

-Level D-2

The test of survival is a test of bearing and strength. In it, the previously formed groups are must go through the artificial forests surrounding the capital of T`challa and return to Ke` l-sar. The real difficulty is that not only have very limited equipment and food, but only the first 10 groups to get into the city pass the test.

Forests do not have a very high population of dangerous creatures, and are not lethal at all, however, it is one of the toughest tests for all academy cadets and considerably taxing on the physiology of the students over a period that vary from three to seven days.


Strips 19-30

With the death of Anairol, the Spacecraft world of Eryon has lost it`s last Fateseer. Only the Fateseer Alba Karael remains.

When the eldar fleet returns from a war campaign to Eryon after a significantly easy extermination of a small fleet of Nyds, no one could suspect that during the last battle, the nyds had infiltrated in the ships of the Eldar, entering into hibernation to hide from even the most powerful mental sweeps of the Fateseer.

During the return trip, while The Great Seer trains her smaller sister, a young but promising apprentice of the path of the seer, the Nyds wake up and take the ships, one by one. Eryon warriors fight desperately, but taken by surprise they are quickly defeated and only a few capsules are able to flee. Among them, the Seer Alba Keraiel, who inherits the title of Great Fateseer of Eryon after the death of her sister Karael.

However, the trip would be short, displaying his alien resistance, the nyds break into the scaping pod and manage to crash it into the planet Ttau of T`chala.

With the help of Sha`shiva, Skraat and Kor`la, Keraiel and Aetherion White Blade, a legendary warrior of the Path of the Spider, survive and they come out of the woods more or less unscathed.


Strips 31-39

Without knowing their real value, Kor`la picks some gems from the dead bodies of the crew of the escaping pod that Sha`shiva gives back to the Fateseer. This gesture earns the gratitude and admiration of the Eldar to kor`la, because the gems are home to the essence of every Eldar after his death and allow access to their wisdom and memories.

After waking up in hospital, Keraiel interviews the leader of the Ttau and asks for help to return home, knowing that the surviving ships of its fleet, full of Nyds, are now directed toward her Spacecraft World. In addition, psychic infiltrated Nyds could attract the rest of the swarm, and without a seer to foresee the danger, the World of Eryon is blind and deaf.

Aun`el Sar `o Valrya grants them access to an escort and a spaceship to get where they want to, but there is a problem, as Ttau do not use the interstellar jumps, making it impossible to get to Eryon on time.

Aetherion, the Eldar warrior then remembers that there are a number of ancient Webgates that might lead to Eryon, and with the help of the spiritual gemstone of Karael they could find them.

Keraiel then askes Kor`la to accompany them to Eryon as leader of the escort, where they would honor him as a hero for saving the soul of Alba Karael, Great Seer of Eryon. He accepts and gathers Sha `shiva, Skraat and Sergeant Dutch Johnson, an ancient and mysterious human warrior now converted to the Ttau cause.


Strips 40-61

After consulting the best options to the soul of Alba Karael, the Great White Shark, the ship of the Ttau starts the journey to Karanragh, a former human colony silenced long ago by a raid by Durchii; the dark cousins of the Eldar.

Finally, the Great White reaches Karanragh and crashes on it`s purple surface, after which the group has a first contact with the inhabitants of the planet; A durchii group poorly equipped in the company of some humanoid wolfs led by a woman named Vaeradia. Kor`la and the rest are then ambushed by a heavily armed force that outnumbered them.

In the scuffle, Johnson is injured and dies trying to save the leader of the Durchii, who takes them to a hidden cave where they try to hide from their pursuers, an elite group of murderers called Vaern`s shadows who, according to her, is the only warrior of the entire Durchii city of Hebradanahast who can track them wherever they might be.

Realizing the danger of this man, and armed only with the Kraust Dragons, Skraat shows off his fighting skills in dense areas and ambushes the shadows group stealthily killing Vaern and several of his warriors, earning the admiration of Durchii leader.

After it, the Durchii leader, Vaeradia Rakash Alaran Vaervesa, informs Kor`la that due to the sacrifice of Johnson, she is obligated to serve him, so involuntarily Kor`la becames the leader of the so called "Disinherited ones" in their struggle against Drazzt Rakash Alaran Vaervesa, brother of Vaeradia and usurper of the leadership of the Black Dragon Kabbalah.


Strips 62-75

It was almost a month since Kor`la took the leadership of the Desinherited ones. A month full of hard and tough battles against the durchii of the city and of the group, because the dark cousins of the eldar, are not very well known for their tolerance even among their allies...

During that time, KorĀ“la showed an amazing leadering skill, to everybody`s surprise and mainly to sha`shiva`s, by developing a long-term strategy that just now has started to yield results; Forcing Drazzt into moving his troops creating a hole in his defense lines to allow the Desinherited ones attacking key targets...

Taking advantage of these gaps in their lines, Kor`la initiates a risky attempt to break into the Durchii city with a small group to reach the portals of the Wraithway of the Eldar, but they are ambushed by a large contingent of shadow warriors. The Desinherited ones Durchiis of the squad are executed on the spot, while Kor`la, Sha`Shiva and Skraat are kept alive. Taking advantage of a distraction, Skraat grabs Sha`Shiva and flees being pursuerd by the shadows.


Strips 76-81

Just recovered from the poison of the shadow warriors, Kor-la awakens in a dungeon inside the durchii Coliseum in Hebradanahast, and is tossed unarmed into the arena as the last piece of meat of the bloody night games, founding himself in front of a crowd of thousands of durchiis in the middle of a scene of absolute slaughter.

In the Coliseum, Kor-la meets Kharn-ak, a giant Durchii gladiator who claims the right of possession over the ttau against all the Hebradanahast`s residents. Unable to deny the popularity of the Gladiator and with no one wanting to confront him to dispute his right, Drazzt grants Kharn-ak`s request.

On the way to the cell, Kharn-ak kills the guardian of the dungeon by taking advantage of her overconfidence, leaving unattended the dungeon during that night.

Once in his cell, Kharn-ak reveales himself as the deceassed Sergeant Dutch Johnson. He explains about his awakening in a Durchii lab and his attempt to escape and subsequent capture, and his clash with the ex-former champion of the Colisseum and the rescue of a durchii child thrown into the arena to his mere execution for unknown reasons.

Finally, after being informed of the plans of Kor `la, Johnson reassumes the role of combat leader of the group and takes up the mission of leading the group to the portals of the wraithways.


Strips 82-109

Skraat flees with the passed out body of Sha`shiva while being pursued by the Shadows. Trying to evade their pursuers, Skraat sneaks through a sleeping Renkal pack to evade his pursuers. At that time, Kor`la contacts them and alerts the Renkals.

Very hurt, Skraat get away from the pack, who get stuck with the shadows, but is severely wounded in the process and loses one of its ceremonial knives. Incited by Shashiva, who wakes up, Skraat follows her and find the trail of one of the equipment modules of the destroyed Great White Shark spaceship.

Following orders from Johnson, Shashiva stabilizes Skraat, enables another module and switchs a Ttau battle armor on, although she is barely able to use it in automatic mode.

With this help, Johnson, Kor`la and the Durchii child, armed and prepared begin the arduous path to the portals of the wraithway, which lies beneath the Durchii city of Hebradanahast.

When they get out to the battlefield, are slowed down by Kashira, the commander of the Ravens long enough to get Dratzz summon all the warriors of Hebradanahast. Unaware of Kor`la`s plan, Johnson prepares himself for his last fight...


Strips 110-126

As part of the plan of Kor `la, using the mind tricks of the Fateseer, Vaeradia, Aetherion and Keraiel herself infiltrate in Hebradanahast and supplant three members of the personal guard of the Lord of the Kabbalah. Taking advantage of the fall of Dratzz`s shield caused by the destruction of the tower of generators, Vaeradia stabs and kicks him in the middle of the Black Dragon Warriors. After a brief skirmish with Johnson, Drazzt gives new meaning to the word "obliteration."

In front of all the Kabbalah and with the support of the shadow warriors, Vaeradia claims the throne and every Durchii warrior pledges allegiance, successfully completing the plan devised by the Kor `la to return her to the power.

Finally, the group gathers again and awaits Vaeradia to fulfill her part of the deal and grant them the access to the portal of the wraithway that lies beneath the city of Hebradanahast.


Strips 127-160

True to her word, Vaeradia teleports the group to the heart of the underground city of Hebradanahast, capital of the planet Karanragh. There, the little durchii enters the tower of the Flesh Mastercrafters and founds the body of a modified female durchii with which it looks like shares some sort of emotional bond. Leaving her, the young one finds a small polymorph organism.

While checking the Eldar Gate, Johnson finds human technology around it, probably the remains of the ancient settlement that was attacked for durchii a millennium ago, and checks the data of the computer units. Then, suddenly, the durchii apprehend the Fateseer Keraiel, who is needed to open the gate to the durchii planet. According to Vaeradia`s explanatios, humans destroyed the Durchii flagship, trapping them on the planet, and after the destruction of the tower of generators, the gate can be opened only once, and the durchii shall not share it with the group.

Crouching in the Ttau powerarmor, Kor`la and Sha`Shiva points guns to Vaeradia urging her to release the Fateseer, but when they are attacked by Kashira from the air, she throws them over the edge.

Skraat faces the child-like Lady of the Vypers, Selene Goriax, who proves to be a formidable opponent, immobilizing the injured Skraat and playing with him.

As the Ttaus fall, The Fateseer Keraiel searches among Kor`la`s memories and brings to him the memories of his father teaching Kor`la how to pilot his armor. With that and some help from his own gear, Kor`la switches on the Power armor and rescues Sha`shiva, facing the winged shadows and Kashira in the caverns of Hebradanahast.

Vaeradia attacks the Spider Warrior Aetherion and Sergeant Johnson with a neuronal weapon, but Johnson's will allows him to resist, and when approaches, Vaeradia is captured and executed by Johnson.


Strips 161-187

Finally commanding his own battle armor, Kor'la shows great skill and eliminates the shadow warriors that were chasing them. In shock and awe of this, Sha `shiva goes frenzy and tries to impose by force to Kor` la, who has to use the stun gun Shashiva dropped in the armor cab few hours ago.

Meanwhile Skraat is immobilized by Selene Goriax, Lady of the Hebradanahast vipers, who after injected the Kroott with meat-eating bacteria meets with Drazzhar Drakhiar, lord of the Warriors, who holds the Fateseer Keraiel. After a brief discursion, Selene behead warlord and frees the Seer.

Johnson faces then the Viper, but Selene shows little intention of fighting him. Instead, the she shows great interest in the group and intends to accompany them, which the Eldar decline steadily.

The little Druchii accidentally activates a dormant spacebeacon system programmed in the armor that travels through space to reach the main combat battlecruiser of the Angels of Death, led by Chaplain Brother Ishmael, who shows great interest in capturing Johnson and heads to Karanragh.

Taking advantage of an oversight, Edhel Kashira, Lady of the Ravens attacks Johnson and disables his armor, but is executed by Sgt. Then, the surface Warriors reach the group, who are forced to fall back to the door.

After closing the gate, and decimate the Warriors with a meltdown explosion of his armor, the door opens by itself with a strange reddish energy that attacks and devours Selene to close again after the gate`s final collapse.


CHAPTER II -IN ERYON- Strips 188-207

The group finally manage to reach Eryon, but the Nyd fleet Araknos arrived earlier than expected. With the Araknos already dropping down to Eryon, The Fateseer Karaiel gets in contact with the Master Mind itself and falls into a comma. Aetherion then, worried by his Lady, leaves the team in the middle of the nyd swarms and flees with Keraiel.

In the middle of the confusion, the little durchii who has supposed to be in Hebradanahast shows up with Johnson`s Power warhammer. He fights for a while wile retreating to the teleport portal, but is seriously injured and falls, to be rescued in extremis by korla and skraat, forgetting about the little durchii in the process.

Finally, aboard the power armor, the team heads to the gate, but the weight is too much to the armor and it finally runs out of energy, forcing them to land in the middle of the swarm. Kor`la, unable to reason with the AI, uses the recoil of the heavy induction cannon to impulse the armor through the portal.




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