Lucky hit

16 Feb 2011 03:25 am

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True_Darius, 16 Feb 2011 03:39 am

To celebrate the coming back of your so beloved Johnson, this cliffhanger will break this saturday.

Yeah, this week will be two actualizations. (is it well written?) ;)

How`s that? won`t be complaining, will you?


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Henry (Guest), 16 Feb 2011 04:15 am

This may seem like a silly and stupid thing, but if you ever include bolters, please, -please- remember that they are not machine guns, and they're not grenadelaunchers. (They're rocket-propelled grenadelaunchers firing at a similar rate as machineguns)It may be a "Duuh" question, but every single piece of 40k fiction besides the books have forgotten it, even the Ultramarines movie and the Space Marine game. :<

Henry (Guest), 16 Feb 2011 04:16 am

Other than that
This comic is AWESOME! I do love this. ^_^

Winterous (Guest), 16 Feb 2011 07:15 am

They aren't rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
They shoot explosive BULLETS which are self-propelled, the rounds themselves are .75 calibre.

That's large, but they aren't exactly GRENADES, they won't wipe out a whole room, they'll just blow someone's arm off if you hit them in the shoulder.
They're dangerous as fuck, but they aren't 40mm grenades by any extent of the imagination.

Hezekial (Guest), 16 Feb 2011 12:39 pm

I was wondering...
...about the child that the wych was talking about in the last comic.
I guess He didn't rape and eat it, but pretended to and just hid it.

BLARGH (Guest), 16 Feb 2011 12:56 pm

In the last scene type thing "taugh" should be "taught", could I be an english editor pweaze? I can do a good grammer nazi!!Also love the comics and hope you'll have more marines in the future :D

True_Darius, 16 Feb 2011 04:59 pm

done aaaand done!

sonijew (Guest), 17 Feb 2011 06:56 am

Goddammit, now he's hogging all the kids.

Lenzabi (Guest), 17 Feb 2011 07:41 pm

The Sacred Boltgun
+++ Lecture starts;

The Bolter or Bolt gun as it is more widely known fires a .75 calibre rocket propelled, armor piercing explosive round that uses a small sensor to detect the heat and moisture of the target personnel so as to ensure maximum killing efficiency.

The Bolt shell is basically a "Gyro-jet"
The Heavy Bolter is a 37mm version of this weapon, more a gyrojet version of a weapon common on WWII tanks of the early stages of that conflict.

Normal humans are likely using "bolt-guns" of the .50 calibre variety.

lecture ends ++++

christian E (Guest), 18 Feb 2011 01:59 am

Dont space marines have
A: two hearts
B: A impossible regenerative ability?
C: A huge ass pragmatism?

What´s stopping him from ripping it out?

Henry (Guest), 18 Feb 2011 02:09 am

Well yeah, they're not quite the size of grenades, but I figgered it was unnecessary to say "Rocket Propelled-Low Cal-Grenade Launcher". Think like a low-cal brute-shot from Halo 2-3, but firing like an assault rifle (depending on setting, I'm fairly sure you can set'm for burst or single shot) yet with the accuracy of a battle-rifle. But yeah, as long as we won't see no machine-gun "Bolters", then I'm happy. :P

Grey Knyt (Guest), 18 Feb 2011 04:02 am

The Dark Eldar have been raiding and capturing stuff from all corners of the galaxy for millennia, I'm sure they have a few pieces of power armor lying around in storage or thrown away somewhere.

Guest, 18 Feb 2011 05:29 am

highly unlikely, as they would have no use for it, why bother to take it firstly?

Christian E (Guest), 18 Feb 2011 11:53 am

He survived mustard gas and pepper spray to become a seasoned veteran
Well, I doubt they strip people right the moment they capture them, you know?

Kor´La: "I asked why does your emperor hates the xenos"
Zael: "Once upon a time Humanity was a kind, tolerant, and peaceful race, in a noble and peaceful society akin to your Tau Empire.

Then the Eldar fucked a Chaos God into existence. Slaanesh balanced out the previously unstable forces of Chaos, so the Warp was able to merge with the Materium across the galaxy, producing giant warp storms like the Eye of Terror. Interstellar flight became a nightmare, interstellar politics shut down, and all those tolerant human worlds which had tolerated psykers were consumed by waves of Daemonhosts. Thus began the Age of Strife.

Almost all aliens, even those which had benefited most from their good relations with the tolerant human hegemony, immediately turned on their former friends.

On some occasions this was out of simple necessity, because of the aforementioned human tolerance towards psykers. On others this was out of ordinary self-interest. Sometimes it was the end result of their previous cultural jealousy and centuries of quiet hatred. On other occasions, it was the nature of the alien, as with entire worlds of sentient gigantic spiders that can only feel predation instincts and have no concept of benevolence.

It is possible, if unlikely, that mankind could have weathered the warp storms with its benevolence intact. It was the great betrayal of the xenos that pushed mankind to the brink of extinction and required the Emperor's direct intervention."
Kor´La: "I´m so sorry I asked"

Will we ever see Zael in his old armor? I assume Tau tech could eventually fix it?

Grey Knyt (Guest), 22 Feb 2011 02:21 am

According to what we know about the Dark Eldar...
They usually capture prisoners, that means equipment and all. And we know that they have had capture Space Marines before... They should have that discarded equipment still around here somewhere...

Guest, 22 Feb 2011 03:14 am

So, they just keep the equipment of billions of captoored slaves? where?



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