The falling one

September 17th, 2014, 1:31 am

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True_Darius, September 17th, 2014, 1:35 am

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It`s a falling angel! a fallen falling angel and if he fails, a fallen failing falling... ok, im stopping now.

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User Comments:

Commander MacBragg (Guest), September 17th, 2014, 2:31 am

Bridge at Khazam-Dum


Christopher (Guest), September 17th, 2014, 2:43 am

Always those sore looser who can't help pulling a balrog.

Gonfrask (Guest), September 17th, 2014, 3:09 am

Nada...que el tio tiene la negra con los bichos estos...

nocara (Guest), September 17th, 2014, 3:59 am

Yo estaba mas bien pensando en alguna musiquita asi de peli porno, ya que esto parece un tentacle rape XD

Daniel (Guest), September 17th, 2014, 6:53 am

Yeah, that's the destiny of a Dark Angel, no matter how hard they try they end up... falling.

Guest, September 17th, 2014, 12:01 pm

Gandalf! NOOOO!!!
And again...

steelCOYOTE, September 17th, 2014, 1:43 pm

Aargh, Flesh hooks.

Rude (Guest), September 18th, 2014, 3:45 am

He wont die
He is fucking space marine. Takes more than that i say :P

pittbull44, September 24th, 2014, 6:17 pm

Lord of the rings?
Seriously that reminds me of lord of the rings.