Answering questions (VII)

September 5th, 2018, 4:41 am

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True_Darius, September 5th, 2018, 4:46 am


I think you will enjoy next week`s comic... And nop, no explicit rape scene.

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Guest, September 5th, 2018, 5:11 am

Have you ever thought of making bonus comics out of the unused story arcs ? It would be something I'd pay for, at least.

Gonfrask (Guest), September 5th, 2018, 6:23 am

Vaya...pues ahora no se si la eleccion del mundo Drucchi fue acertada o no, porque en este mundo habrian pasado un buen monton de cosas interesantes, pero claro, sabiendo como acabo la historia con la eleccion que lo de Johnson fue una linea argumental que me gusto bastante y claro...
En fin, que complicado todo

Head_Hunter (Guest), September 5th, 2018, 8:14 am

Love the "Great Devourer" joke
This is the my favorite joke in the entire webcomic, and I've been reading this fun thing for almost two years or longer I believe?

minigendo (Guest), September 5th, 2018, 12:55 pm

"Rip and Tear. Rip and Tear, until it is done."

Dakkath (Guest), September 6th, 2018, 2:05 am

Ok, so I was wrong about Skraat becoming warboss. But I can handle being wrong for a Great Devourer joke XD

DrXanatos (Guest), September 6th, 2018, 11:56 am

Oh man the vivid images of those two getting it on... Glorious.