IV FANART AND FANFIC CONTEST (answering questions)

Somebody sent me to my mail a good question, so im copypasting it here for everybody.


Sorry to bother you but I just wanted clarification on the Fanfic contest.

Under the [basis] section you mention "theme related to Eatatau", but further down in the comments, and I quote "Eversor- You can write about whatever you want, if you check the previous contest`s entries you can see huge deviations. So, feel free to make whatever you want, the most interesting, the better. ^^"

Does this potentially mean we are permitted to conceive a plot/environment/characters, with no relation in any shape to the current plot/environment/characters in your own comic aside from the universe itself? If so, how far can we venture around the eatatau/40k universe and how extreme can our ideas be within a believable level?

Oh and if a fanfic piece exceeded the limit of two sides by a relatively small amount, how does that effect the entry?

Thankyou for your time.


When i said that to eversor I meant it, but this is still a contest of Fanpics and fanfics aboout Eatatau!. This means that you can write anything involving something concerning Eatatau!. This means, for example, writting a love (or sex) history involving Shashiva and Aetherion, or about one side mission of any character, or so... One of the first fics i received was around the rape, killing and vore of Shashiva. Although quite extreme, that is still considered an Eatatau! fanfic. ;)

This means that you cant write (well, you can, but not for the contest XDDD) a history about a necron trying to get back an orb from the orks, because, although related to warhammer, its would not to Eatatau!.

If you would want to write a story about Durchii or COFCOFDarkfalleneldarsCOFCOGH, you could write the story around one (or more) of the eldars of Hebradanahast that appeared in the main plot of Eatatau!. For example, around Drazzt, Kashira, some shadow warriors...

Also, you could write about things i didnt show yet, as, for example, how was Selene created and a little about her life, or what happened with kor`la`s father after/before he met Johnson...

Of course, this is "unnoficial" and wont change at all the main plot or background of Eatatau! (well, if i like it a lot, maybe... ;)...)

The best thing you can think in is. "I know nothing about warhammer, only about Eatatau. What can i write about?"

After all, Eatatau! is a personal and totally original universe no way related to that copyrighted game!!! XDDDD

2- If the fanfic exceeds a little is not so big deal, but more than half a page is not considered "a little".

Oh, BTW, for the spanish talking readers. You can write in spanish, but as this is a contest by votes, if you write it in english (or in both lenguages) probably you will have far more votes. ^^

posted by True_Darius @ September 14th, 2012, 12:22 am  -  2 Comments

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Okay, thanks for that clarification on how narrow this fanfic has to be. I wonder how the ttau classify the nyds, perhaps I will have to come up with my own types. xD

Raven Coldheart

posted by Raven Coldheart (Guest), September 14th, 2012, 4:27 am


oh, good to know :)

posted by Skarsnia (Guest), September 16th, 2012, 8:56 am


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