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Its autumn! my favourite season of the year, when the drowning heat of japanese summer fades away into a sweet fresh blow of leavy winds... or whatever.

So, we had a new section, the Wall of fame, for the top patrons and supporters that will be filled with avvies in short. Also, the "what`s happening" section was uploaded, as well as some pics into the different galleries, the head banner, and in the shop there is a new Pay per view comic! Ever wondered what lead to the war on Johnson`s homeworld, that would eventually turn him into a traitor, or the role of the ttau on it? There you can find that, and more!

And I think thats all for now...

Be excelent to each other! ;)

posted by True_Darius @ September 24th, 2014, 2:39 am  -  0 Comments


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