It took me two whole days and a severe headache, but finally, I'm done with all the changes in the smackjeeves web! Banners, buttons, links and other images should be fixed and working.

I fixed all the galleries broken links, including the "Fansection" and both the SFW gallery and the two NSFW ones. Also cleaned them, deleted old pics and filled them with new ones. Take a look!

The "Characters" section was also upgraded! now there is not only the main cast information but also more than thirty secondary characters and villains, with images and descriptions! There might be even some easter egg hidden around for you to find...

The "Commissions", "Hall of fame" and "Shop" sections are also fixed, all the broken links were repaired and should be up and running!

And finally, we recover a long forgotten section! "The trace"

I hope you enjoy the new material!

posted by True_Darius @ April 16th, 2018, 6:11 am  -  0 Comments


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